Our Story

I began making jewelry in 2003, after collecting gemstones during a three week long cross country trip.  I learned to wire wrap and haven't stopped since. For years I traveled, gypsy style, selling my wares in coffee shops, street festivals, off my neck while tending bar, etc.. In 2012 I opened my first storefront in 2012 and met my husband a few years later and we began making jewelry together.  After starting a family and opening then closing a second storefront we decided to take our show on the road to pursue a new adventure.  After converting a school bus into a home, office, and workshop we set sail across the USA drawing inspiration from our beautiful country.  We have happily landed in Sedona, AZ where we will be showing our new west coast inspired deigns in local artists markets and local shops. 

Custom jewelry using a variety of organic material including sea glass, shark teeth, gemstones, fossils, coins, arrowheads, shells, etc...



Portland, Oregon, USA